Synthetic Ice Prices | How much does a synthetic ice rink cost?

Our prices

Do you want to know our synthetic ice rink prices?

In Smartice we are known for having a clear transparency policy through which you can access all the price information and final costs without resorting to endless chains of emails or small prints.

Smartice offers economic synthetic ice rink packages with all the necessary elements for you to start your skating business without having to worry about acquiring additional accessories. The surface, the barriers, the skates and any other essential element for the operation of your rink will be included in our packages with a standard and fixed rate for each one of them. There is no room for surprises or cheating!

There are many customers who, during the evaluation process prior to the purchase of their ice rink, resort to several suppliers to obtain price estimates that can be very different from each other. This can generate confusion in the client. However, despite the fact that in Smartice we do not like to stand out from the competition only for the price, really the most competitive in the market,but the excellent price-quality  relation of all our products allows us to be one of the biggest market share manufacturers of synthetic ice rinks in the world.

Therefore, our packages are fixed, both in terms of the material they include and in terms of price. The goal is to facilitate the cost reduction and promote the firm transparency commitment, avoiding those typical additional extra expenses at the end of the purchasing process.

Below are the detailed ice rink packages on sale and some recommendations for each of the sizes offered.


Pack50m2. Our 50m2 (5m x 10m) ice rink is the smallest and most economical. Perfect for children and easy to install in limited spaces.
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Pack100m2. Synthetic ice surface 100m2 (7m x 14m), perfect size for small spaces as well but enough for a perfect day of skating. Portable ice rink easy to install and remove to wherever and whenever you want.
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Pack160m2. One of our most popular packages, ice rink 160m2 (10m x 16m), is an adaptable size for multiple spaces and with an unbeatable price.
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Pack200m2. Our 200m2 (10m x 20m) ice rink is the most requested package by our customers. An optimal surface to accommodate about 50 people for an exceptional price.
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Pack300m2. The 300m2 (15m x 20m) ice rink is a step up in terms of size, as it is a large ice surface with enough space to accommodate 75 skaters simultaneously.
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Pack400m2. Do you want to accommodate 100 skaters at the same time? This is the perfect rink for you. 400m2 (14m x 28m) ice rink, a huge area with a unique visual impact.
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Pack600m2. Now we are dealing with considerable ice surfaces. The 600m2 (20m x 30m) ice rink is perfect for playing hockey games or covering large spaces of shopping centers or ski resorts.
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Pack800m2. 800m2 (20m x 40m) Ice rink, is the largest Smartice rink, which allows up to 200 people skating at the same time. A visual impact is guaranteed!
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