Synthetic ice Surface | High quality Smartice technology


The arrival of Smartice to the ecological ice market has brought with it an innovative quality material that is continuously evolving.

Our technicians, hand in hand with external researchers, work daily to improve our ecological ice rinks, performing countless amounts of tests on the materials with the aim of guaranteeing the continuous development and quality of our products. Thanks to the persistent research, Smartice is currently on its third generation of products.

The material in question is a high quality synthetic polymer that doesn’t require the use of any external lubricant. This facilitates a very high level of gliding, similar to that of conventional ice rinks.

Therefore, Smartice ecological rinks can be used throughout the year, without any limitations. This surface has been designed and treated to withstand any temperature and UV ray exposure, and can be operational for long periods of time, even in an outdoor environments and under high temperatures.

In addition, this material is non-toxic and can be completely recycled at the end of its lifespan, which increases its attractiveness as an ecological and respectful product to the environment.

Building a synthetic ice rink - Swiss company
Synthetic ice technology - High quality at Smartice prices

Synthetic Ice Sheets

Measurements: Smartice synthetic ice sheets are manufactured in a standard size of 6´7” x 3´3”. This enables the implementation of ice rink projects with standard measurements, like the ones offered in our packs

Self-lubricated: In turn, all our ice panels are self-lubricating, an added advantage since  a big part of the synthetic ice surfaces on the market today need additional liquids to achieve an optimal glide.

Durability: Smartice panels can be used on both sides, which increases the durability of the product.

Connection: Smartice uses the tongue and groove connection system between its panels. It is a strong system, which offers greater resistance compared to others existing in the market, such as the dovetail (puzzle) type.

Build your own ice rink

Synthetic ice sheets - Unbeatable prices

Use on both sides

Ice panels - Affordable prices

2x1m /20mm

Synthetic ice tiles - Self-lubricating


Our process of synthetic ice rink installation is so simple that you can do it yourself, without having to resort to specialized technicians or a large team of personnel.

In fact, our smallest ice rink pack, the 50m2, can be installed by 2 people in just under 1 hour. A completely DIY rink project!

The assembly of our skating rinks is really simple. Once you have purchased your pack, our operations department will send you an installation kit with the necessary tools, as well as advice from our specialized staff, so you don’t feel alone in any part of the process and you can install your rink without any difficulty.

A simple process that will facilitate the assembly and disassembly of your rink in case you want to use your attraction for short periods of time and/or in different locations!