At Smartice, we only sell our ice rinks. However, if you are interested in renting an ice rink, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will offer you rental options through our large network of distributors.

You can skate on our surface with any type of ice skates, including hockey or figure skates.

One of our strong points is our unmatchable ability to distribute our synthetic ice rinks all over the world.

It depends on the destination country. One month is a reasonable delivery time to expect for most locations, and in many cases, delivery time will be less. Don’t hesitate to contact us to request a specific ETA to your location.

As a result of skating, our rinks develop light surface scratches that do not affect the skating experience in any way. On the contrary, these light scratches make the surface look even more similar to a conventional ice surface.

Our rinks are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. On top of that, severe weather conditions do not affect the functionality of our rinks in any way which means they can be used even in extreme summer or winter temperatures.

Skating on Smartice is very similar to skating on a traditional ice rink. In fact, only a professional skater will notice the difference.

Smartice only sells its products in the different packages offered as a way to reduce costs and offer a complete service to our clients.

The panels are made of a specific type of plastic and are self-lubricating which means no spray on lubricant is needed.

Our panels last approximately 20 years maintain optimal quality throughout their lifespan.

Our rinks are completely DIY! Smartice will advise you during the installation process, and provide you with an installation kit and an installation manual that will make the assembly process simple for everyone.