Ski Station

What are the advantages of installing a Smartice ice rink in a ski station?

¿Cuáles son las ventajas de la instalación de una pista de hielo Smartice en una estación de esquí?


Differentiation and good image: get an extra leisure activity with respect to other nearby ski resorts, offering the possibility that parents can enjoy a quiet day of skiing while children have fun skating on the synthetic ice rink.

Our rinks do not consume energy or harm the environment, so energy saving is a fact, as well as a good image for the station, since the maintenance savings of our rinks is significant compared to the high costs of light and water that need conventional ice rinks for maintenance. And if that were not enough, you do not need chemicals like glycol for cooling. Can there be something more ecological for a place in the middle of nature such as ski resorts?

Increase duration and stay of visitors: increase the expenses of visitors at the station, extra income for those who when they finish the ski day want to take advantage of the afternoon, or even for children who want to skate while their parents ski. Even families who want to visit the snow season and do not practice skiing, now have an additional activity to have fun.

Use throughout the year and can work outdoors. It does not matter if it is very hot, snows or rains. How to increase the traffic of people when it is not possible to practice skiing? The weather conditions do not influence the operation of synthetic ice rinks. In this way, you can maintain a high traffic of people in hot weather or when it is not possible to practice skiing due to meteorological conditions.

Our prices

The Smartice ecological ice packs pack includes all the necessary accessories to make your business a success of assistance and social claim. Do you want to know the prices of all our packs? We detail them below so you can choose the option that best suits your budget and available space.


Pack550 sq.ft. Our 550 sq.ft. ice rink is the smallest and most economical. Perfect for children and easy to install in limited spaces.
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Pack1,100Sq.Ft. Synthetic ice surface 1,100Sq.Ft. (24ft x 47ft), perfect size for small spaces as well but enough for a perfect day of skating. Portable ice rink easy to install and remove to wherever and whenever you want.
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Pack1,700Sq.Ft. One of our most popular packages, ice rink 1,700 Sq. Ft.(33ft. x 53ft.), is an adaptable size for multiple spaces and with an unbeatable price.
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Pack2,150Sq.Ft. Our 2,150 Sq. Ft. (33ft x 66ft) ice rink is the most requested package by our customers. An optimal surface to accommodate about 50 people for an exceptional price.
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Pack3,200Sq.Ft. The 3,200 Sq. Ft. (50ft x 66ft) ice rink is a step up in terms of size, as it is a large ice surface with enough space to accommodate 75 skaters simultaneously.
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Pack4,300SqFt. Do you want to accommodate 100 skaters at the same time? This is the perfect rink for you. 4,300 Sq. Ft. (92ft x 46ft) ice rink, a huge area with a unique visual impact.
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6,450Sq.Ft. Now we are dealing with considerable ice surfaces. The 6,450 Sq. Ft. (66ft x 100ft) ice rink is perfect for playing hockey games or covering large spaces of shopping centers or ski resorts.
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Pack8,600Sq.Ft. 8,600 Sq. Ft. (66ft x 130ft) Ice rink, is the largest Smartice rink, which allows up to 200 people skating at the same time. A visual impact is guaranteed!
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