Synthetic Ice for Home Use | Backyard Synthetic Ice Rinks


Now it is possible to have an ice rink at home (synthetic ice for home use). Thanks to its easy assembly, and the low maintenance cost, our synthetic ice rinks are a perfect and practical option to train or play in the comfort of your home. You can train your favorite sport at home, during all the months of the year!

Do you want to know the advantages of having a Smartice synthetic ice rink in your own home (home synthetic ice rink)? Never the ice skating was more accessible to everyone!


Possibility of skating at home throughout the year, either indoors (basement, backyard) or outdoors (patio, garden). Our different ice rink packs for houses, available for sale, can be adapted to the space of your home, with the advantage of being 100% modular rinks. Do not stop training or practice your favorite sport due to bad weather, summer heat, or simply because you can not move. It is now possible to have an ice rink at home without additional monthly expenses!

DIY ice rink. You can assemble a Smartice synthetic ice rink yourself (backyard synthetic ice rink), when and where you want, thanks to the easy process of assembly and disassembly of our rinks. It does not require specialized technicians for its assembly. We put everything at your disposal so you do not miss anything. This also facilitates the possible change of place inside the house, as well as the speed of its installation. The medium-sized Smartice synthetic ice rinks can be assembled in a single day and with only two people.

No energy consumption. Zero consumption of water and electricity, due to it does not need refrigerating chamber as traditional ice rinks, so it can save up to € 5,000 per month in the case of an average size rink. This is a very favorable point, considering that the energy costs of a traditional rink are virtually unaffordable by any family economy. This is your chance!

Low maintenance, since the only thing that requires the rink is the cleaning of the surface after its use and the logical sharpening of the skates. You will not need any technician or additional personnel for its maintenance. So easy and simple!

Our prices

The Smartice ecological ice packs pack includes all the necessary accessories to make your business a success of assistance and social claim. Do you want to know the prices of all our packs? We detail them below so you can choose the option that best suits your budget and available space.


Pack550 sq.ft. Our 550 sq.ft. ice rink is the smallest and most economical. Perfect for children and easy to install in limited spaces.
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Pack1,100Sq.Ft. Synthetic ice surface 1,100Sq.Ft. (24ft x 47ft), perfect size for small spaces as well but enough for a perfect day of skating. Portable ice rink easy to install and remove to wherever and whenever you want.
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Pack1,700Sq.Ft. One of our most popular packages, ice rink 1,700 Sq. Ft.(33ft. x 53ft.), is an adaptable size for multiple spaces and with an unbeatable price.
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Pack2,150Sq.Ft. Our 2,150 Sq. Ft. (33ft x 66ft) ice rink is the most requested package by our customers. An optimal surface to accommodate about 50 people for an exceptional price.
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Pack3,200Sq.Ft. The 3,200 Sq. Ft. (50ft x 66ft) ice rink is a step up in terms of size, as it is a large ice surface with enough space to accommodate 75 skaters simultaneously.
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Pack4,300SqFt. Do you want to accommodate 100 skaters at the same time? This is the perfect rink for you. 4,300 Sq. Ft. (92ft x 46ft) ice rink, a huge area with a unique visual impact.
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6,450Sq.Ft. Now we are dealing with considerable ice surfaces. The 6,450 Sq. Ft. (66ft x 100ft) ice rink is perfect for playing hockey games or covering large spaces of shopping centers or ski resorts.
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Pack8,600Sq.Ft. 8,600 Sq. Ft. (66ft x 130ft) Ice rink, is the largest Smartice rink, which allows up to 200 people skating at the same time. A visual impact is guaranteed!
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